Update: Validation added for Editor tool

Validation checks have now been added to the Editor tool to help you make sure you save the right information into your layers.

The Editor tool will now check any data that you enter to make sure that it complies with the settings for each text field and that an object has been added to the map correctly before allowing the object to be saved. This will help you to ensure that any information you add is in the correct format and that an object will save correctly into the layer each time.

The validation process will check for the following:

  • Text: Characters (e.g. abcd) that have been entered into a text box that is set to only allow numbers
  • Text: Invalid characters that have been entered into a text box. Text added in the editor cannot contain any of the following characters: '`"¦&{}%¬~|>< 
  • Text: The total length of text/numbers entered into a text box is longer than the field is set to allow
  • Object: An object has been incorrectly added to the map (e.g. no object placed on the map, or less than 2 points added for a line object, or less than 3 points added for a polygon object.

If the validation process finds any of the text errors listed above it will bring up a Validation Error message with details of the errors found and the columns/text fields affected. Select OK to acknowledge the errors and then make the necessary changes and press Save (in the Editor) again. If all issues have been fixed the object will save, any persisting errors will bring up another validation error message and details of how to fix them.

If an object error is found it will bring up a separate error message with details of the error found and how to fix it. Select OK to acknowledge then ensure you have added the object correctly to the map then press Save (in the Editor) again. 




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