Should I use the Public Map or User Manager module to share information?

The Public Map and User Manager Modules are bolt-ons that are designed to help users share the information from their account, the correct one to use will depend on the type of information being shared and who you want to share it with.

The Public Map Module is designed to allow users to share information with the public via a Parish or any other public facing website. This will enable the general public to view a map and any information that you wish to display to an open audience. Typically this may include, points of interest, walking routes, Parish owned assets and any other non-sensitive information.

The User Manager Module is designed to give more flexibility and control over who can access the main Parish Online. This can be used to give  Council members, contractors or specific named persons an individual user login. The benefits of individual logins is that you can trace individual users activity on the account and also limit what each individual has access to (mainly in terms of editing capabilities). The Administrator level has access to everything on the account, whilst a Read-Only account can only view and print maps.

A quick rule of thumb would be, use the Public Map Module to share non-sensitive information publicly and the User Manager Module for more control and flexibility of council member access to data, and tools that will only be used internally.

For more information on the available bolt-ons and how to add them to your account go to our bolt-ons page. 

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